●Gas canister

-Method for venting gas at time of disposal 

Make sure there is no fire outdoors in a well-ventilated area.
Turn the canister upside down and make it slightly slanted. Then press the tip of the metal nozzle against the ground to release the gas inside.
(The can will get cold due to the heat of vaporization while the gas is being released.)

☆Cap with gas release.
Use the gas release cap as described in the instructions to release the gas.
When the can is empty, dispose it in the same way as a spray can.

-European lighters

European lighters are not compatible. We recommend the use of genuine gas canister of each lighter company.
It may not be possible to fill lighters with special gas canister, such as those with a special shape of filling port (screw-in type, etc.) or those with dedicated cylinders.
Please contact the manufacturer of the lighter or use a special cylinder for the lighter.
Some lighters may not ignite even if they can be filled due to gas pressure. (e.g. giveaway cigarette lighter)

-When filling does not go well

Since there are variations in the diameters of the lighter's filling port and the nozzle of the canister, there may be some oil leakage.
However, this is not abnormal
As the nozzle may be deformed or damaged, turn the lighter or the canister upside down, align them vertically, and inject for a few seconds.

-When the lighter does not ignite even though it has been injected

If the lighter does not ignite even though it has been filled there may be the following reasons.
①The performance of the lighter may not be good. (e.g. deterioration, life span, etc.)
②Internal parts may got hard by not using for a long period of time.
※In the case of①or②above, please contact the manufacturer of the lighter.
The flame is not stable immediately after filling the lighter with gas. Please use the lighter after it has returned to room temperature.

-Composition of gas

The main component is butane gas. (Liquefied petroleum gas)


Store in a cool, dark place avoiding moisture and direct sunlight.

-Product life

There is no strict product life. As long as there is no rust or deformation on the exterior, the gas inside does not change in quality.
So, the lighter which was purchased about 10 years ago can be used.
If you notice any unusual odor or change when using the lighter, please dispose the lighter.
After purchase, please use up the lighter within about 2 years.

● Disposable lighter

- The way of disposing a disposable lighter which gas is remaining

Make sure there is no fire in the surrounding area. Push down the control lever. When the disposable lighter is ignited, blow out the flame immediately.
Prepare tape or other means to hold the control lever while the lever is pushed down.
Leave the lighter outdoors in a well ventilated place without fire.
When the lighter gets empty, dispose the lighter as noncombustible.

-For other use

Disposable lighter is only for cigarettes.
Never use this lighter for igniting anything other than cigarettes, such as incense sticks or fireworks.

-Composition gas

The main component is butane gas. (Liquefied petroleum gas)


After ignition, be sure to check that the flame has been extinguished. Do not store in a place where children can reach.

●Oil lighter


Please use the original flint for Marvelous and Douglas lighters. Other companies' flints are in different size (diameter) and may cause malfunctions.
(Please search a store by using the keyword "Marvelous / Douglass exclusive flint" etc.)Note: The above original flints cannot be used for NEO by DOUGLASS.Applicable size: Diameter 2.3 mmφ Length 4 mm


Please use commercially available lighter oil.
(Evaporation rate may be changed by each oil. (High temperatures will cause the oil to run out faster.)


The wick will turn black after a while of use and the ignition will be insufficent. Use tweezers or something and pull out the wick for few millimeter. Then cut the black part.

-When not used for a long time

Please remove the flint before storage. (The flint may become hard inside the lighter, and may cause insufficient ignition.)

●Micro Filter

-Reduction rate of nicotine and tar

Micro Filter reduces about 20-30% of nicotine and tar contained in cigarettes.

-Time to change Micro Filter

When the filter turns dark brown.

-When Micro Filter falls off

Some brands of cigarettes are not compatible, and the inner diameter of Micro Filter may vary slightly.
The position of the cigarette may slightly shift inside Micro Filter, especially when dropping ashes, so please be careful when driving.
Please be careful with long cigarettes as well.