Product Information


Marvelous (Made in Japan)

Tank lighter 「MARVELOUS」 is based on a common oil tank, which is classic but also fresh and unique, which is unprecedented yet familiar to ourselves. Adopting this type of oil tank, the oil became more durable compared to other conventional oil lighters. Also, it is convenient that with only this oil tank, you can divide it for carrying (as a supplement).
Please only use flints which are made for Marvelous/Douglass. Using another flint may cause it to breakdown. So please, absolutely, do not use a stone that is not intended for Marvelous/Douglass.

Under Air Transport of Dangerous Goods laws and regulations, Marvelous lighter are not allowed to carry on-board.
(「I FLY IN SKY MODEL」 SCARAB TANK: cottoned tank are conforming these regulations.)