1946 Foundation of our business of smoking products in Tokyo. We have dealt with smoking products since our inauguration.
1960 Incorporation of Tokyo Pipe.
1961 Inauguration of the first sale of our products to tobacconists throughout Japan.
1962 Inauguration of the first sale of KYOYO Gas Refills which comes with a gas charging attachment for various types of lighters.
KYOYO Gas Refill is still our long-selling product.
1975 Low cost disposable lighter “Tiltil Mitil” is first developed and sold.
1980 Disposable cigarette filter “Tiltil Mitil Micro Filter” is first developed and sold.
1986 Relocation of Tokyo Pipe to 1-15-4, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo (our current location and head office)
1993 Extinct 1920s’s American oil lighter “DOUGLASS” is re-manufactured and sold.
1994 Acquisition of Win Lighter Co., Ltd. lighter department.
1996 Conclusion of licensing contract with 1998 FIFA World Cup. World Cup licensed lighters sold.
1999 Oil tank lighter “Marvelous” is first sold.
2011 Inauguration of selling child resistance disposable lighters in Japan (PSC).
2012 Awarded PSC certification.